Must see places in Scotland

Scotland is one of the most beautiful and historic countries in the world. It is a land known for its mountains, lochs, and glens, as well as its cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow. Scotland has many castles and cathedrals to visit as well as historic churches. The Old Town of Edinburgh is one of Europe’s … Read more

How to plan the perfect road trip

The best road trips are filled with spontaneity and excitement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for the unexpected. Planning a road trip is no different than planning anything else in life. You need a plan if you want your vacation to go smoothly—and one that’s fun! So here’s how to create the … Read more

Best day trips from Glasgow

What are the top day trips from Glasgow? Glasgow is a beautiful city with tons of great things to see and do. However, it can be quite difficult to leave the city when you’re trying to plan a day trip. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled five of … Read more

How to drive in a fuel efficient way

Driving a car is one of the biggest expenses that most people have, and it’s no surprise. The average American spends $2,000 per year on gas. That’s enough money to buy groceries for two months or cover a trip to Hawaii! The good news is, there are ways to reduce your gas consumption and save … Read more