Driving Distances Between UK Cities

The largest cities in the United Kingdom are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Cardiff. The distances between these cities are as follows:

London to Birmingham 111 miles
London to Liverpool 127 miles
London to Glasgow 242 miles
Birmingham to Liverpool 64 miles
Birmingham to Glasgow 122 miles
Liverpool to Glasgow 106 miles
Manchester to Liverpool 14 miles
Manchester to Glasgow 138 miles
Leeds to Liverpool 33 miles
Leeds to Glasgow 119 miles
Sheffield to Liverpool 25 miles
Sheffield to Glasgow 103 miles
Newcastle to Liverpool 68 miles
Newcastle to Glasgow 149 miles
Nottingham to Liverpool 40 miles
Nottingham to Glasgow 113 miles
Bristol to Liverpool 54 miles
Bristol to Glasgow 175 miles
Cardiff to Liverpool 41 miles
Cardiff to Glasgow 103 miles
London to Edinburgh 511 miles
London to Glasgow 511 miles
London to Belfast 312 miles
London to Liverpool 178 miles
London to Manchester 144 miles
London to Birmingham 97 miles
London to Cardiff 83 miles
London to Swansea 71 miles
London to Newcastle 69 miles
London to Brighton 66 miles
London to Bristol 59 miles
London to Norwich 54 miles
London to Sheffield 53 miles
Glasgow to Edinburgh 39 miles
Belfast to Dublin 131 miles
Liverpool to Manchester 37 miles
Manchester to Leeds 34 miles
Birmingham to Wolverhampton 33 miles
Cardiff to Swansea 32 miles
Newcastle to Sunderland 30 miles
Brighton to Portsmouth 29 miles
Bristol to Gloucester 28 miles
Norwich to Ipswich 27 miles
Sheffield to Rotherham 26 miles
Edinburgh to Dundee 25 miles
Glasgow to Inverness 219 miles
Belfast to Londonderry 26 miles
Liverpool to Wigan 25 miles
Manchester to Blackburn 24 miles
Birmingham to Coventry 23 miles
Cardiff to Swansea 22 miles
Newcastle to Middlesbrough 21 miles
Sunderland to Hartlepool 21 miles
Brighton to Hastings 20 miles
Portsmouth to Southampton 20 miles
Gloucester to Cheltenham 19 miles
Ipswich to Colchester 18 miles
Rotherham to Barnsley 17 miles
Dundee to Aberdeen 63 miles
Inverness to Fort William 63 miles
Edinburgh to Perth 37 miles
Glasgow to Greenock 36 miles
Belfast to Lisburn 33 miles
Liverpool to St. Helens 22 miles
Manchester to Wigan 21 miles
Coventry to Leicester 20 miles
Leicester to Nottingham 20 miles
Blackburn to Burnley 19 miles
Barnsley to Rotherham 19 miles
St. Helens to Warrington 19 miles
Greenock to Glasgow 17 miles
Lisburn to Belfast 16 miles
Warrington to Manchester 16 miles
Nottingham to Derby 15 miles
Derby to Leicester 15 miles
Burnley to Preston 14 miles
Preston to Blackpool 14 miles
Blackpool to Lancaster 14 miles
Lancaster to Morecambe 13 miles
Morecambe to Kendal 12 miles
Kendal to Windermere 12 miles
Windermere to Keswick 12 miles
Keswick to Cockermouth 11 miles
Cockermouth to Workington 11 miles
Workington to Whitehaven 10 miles
Whitehaven to Maryport 10 miles
Maryport to Carlisle 9 miles
Carlisle to Gretna 9 miles
Gretna to Edinburgh 218 miles
Edinburgh to Glasgow 31 miles
Glasgow to Stirling 22 miles
Stirling to Perth 21 miles
Perth to Inverness 97 miles
Inverness to Fort William 63 miles
Fort William to Mallaig 38 miles
Mallaig to Oban 33 miles
Oban to Glasgow 187 miles
Glasgow to Edinburgh 31 miles
Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed 16 miles
Berwick-upon-Tweed to Alnwick 15 miles
Alnwick to Newcastle 69 miles
Newcastle to Durham 15 miles
Durham to Darlington 14 miles
Darlington to York 33 miles
York to Hull 54 miles
Hull to Goole 21 miles
Goole to Grimsby 20 miles
Grimsby to Cleethorpes 17 miles
Cleethorpes to Skegness 16 miles
Skegness to Boston 15 miles
Boston to Lincoln 23 miles
Lincoln to Nottingham 20 miles
Nottingham to Derby 15 miles
Derby to Leicester 15 miles
Leicester to Coventry 20 miles
Coventry to Birmingham 23 miles
Birmingham to Solihull 17 miles
Solihull to Wolverhampton 16 miles
Wolverhampton to Walsall 14 miles
Walsall to Tamworth 13 miles

Great Britain is a beautiful and historic country with a lot to offer tourists. From bustling cities to stunning countryside, there is something for everyone to enjoy. In this article, we will explore some of the best places to visit in Great Britain, along with driving directions from the closest major city and the distance from it.

First, let’s start with London, the bustling capital city of Great Britain. London is filled with world-renowned attractions, such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye. It is also home to a vibrant arts and culture scene, with many museums, galleries, and theatres to explore.

To get to London from the closest major city, Manchester, take the M1 south towards London. The distance from Manchester to London is approximately 200 miles, and the journey should take around 3 hours by car.

Another must-see destination in Great Britain is the Lake District, a beautiful national park in the north of England. The Lake District is known for its stunning scenery, with beautiful lakes, forests, and mountains to explore. It is a popular destination for hiking and outdoor activities, and it is also home to some charming towns and villages.

To get to the Lake District from the closest major city, Liverpool, take the M6 north towards Kendal. The distance from Liverpool to the Lake District is approximately 50 miles, and the journey should take around 1 hour by car.

Scotland, the northern part of Great Britain, is also worth a visit. From the vibrant city of Edinburgh to the breathtaking Highlands, Scotland has a lot to offer tourists. Edinburgh is known for its castle, which sits atop an extinct volcano, as well as its many museums, galleries, and festivals. The Highlands, on the other hand, are known for their rugged beauty and outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and golf.

To get to Edinburgh from the closest major city, Newcastle, take the A1 north towards Edinburgh. The distance from Newcastle to Edinburgh is approximately 200 miles, and the journey should take around 3.5 hours by car.

Another popular destination in Great Britain is the Cotswolds, a picturesque area in the west of England. The Cotswolds are known for their rolling hills, charming villages, and beautiful countryside. It is a popular destination for walking and cycling, and it is also home to some great restaurants and pubs.

To get to the Cotswolds from the closest major city, Bristol, take the M4 west towards Cirencester. The distance from Bristol to the Cotswolds is approximately 40 miles, and the journey should take around 45 minutes by car.

In conclusion, Great Britain is a wonderful country with a lot to offer tourists. From the bustling city of London to the stunning countryside of the Lake District and the Cotswolds, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With the driving directions and distances provided above, you can easily plan a trip to any of these amazing destinations.